Back in 2015 we bought our first apartment in Málaga as an investment. Since the apartment is located in the center of Málaga it is ideal for short term vacational rental.

In 2017 we decided we’ll manage our properties ourselves: the ‘Casanera’ way. For every property we manage we focus on the unique strengths of the property and adapt our marketing accordingly. We maximize profit instead of expanding by managing more properties. The benefits for the property owners are obvious: with this business model the goals of Casanera are aligned with the expectations of the property owner.

These are the services we offer:

  1. apartment decoration: from nothing to rental ready
  2. consultancy services: advice, contacts, how to, …
  3. property management the ‘Casanera’ way

Because of this vision, we need to be more selective in the properties we manage. Are you a property owner who is looking for a property management service and you share the Casanera vision: feel free to contact us.