Dazzling height of the Camino del Rey

Our brave friends David and Gerbert recently made a nice footage of their visit to the Caminito del Rey.


The original Camino del rey was build in the beginning of the 20th century to let workers transport materials to the hydroelectric power plants in the region. Over the years the path deteriorated. It became a challenge for the brave (or crazy) amongst us to walk the path.

Several people died. The government closed the area and in 2011 it was decided to renovate the path. In March 2015 the new Camino del rey opened for the public.


Right now the Camino del rey is one of the tourist attraction in the Málaga area.


The Camino del rey is open from May till September. Access is limited, so it’s important to reserve well in advance.

You need to get to El Chorro, which is around 65km north of Málaga city. El Chorro can be easiliy reached by car or by train from Málaga Maria Zambrano.


Official site Camino del rey

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