Los Cahorros close to Granada

Los Cahorros

For those of you who visit Granada and have a couple of hours to spend, this might be interesting for you. About 15km outside Granada you can find Los Cahorros, a natural walking path with stunning views. The trail offers a lot of variation. Along the path you need to cross the river multiple times by using hanging bridges. We only did part of the trail, because we arrived late. At the start of the trail you can choose to first walk up or to walk down first. It doesn’t matter so much what you choose, because after a while both trails merge. We didn’t have that much time, so we we walked the trail below and returned by using the trail above. When you start with the lower part of the trail, you need to pass 3 hanging bridges before coming on a junction: take the next hanging bridge to continue the trail further or take a go left to take the trail back to the starting point. During the lower trail you can jump into the river to escape the heat. The trail itself is not really demanding for someone who is a bit in shape: I recommend wearing walking shoes and taking enough water.

How to get there

In google maps set “Restaurante El Puntarron”. Pass the restaurant and about 200m on the right there is a parking. Then start walking down, back in the direction of the restaurant. After 50m take a left and follow for about 10 minutes until you arrive at a kiosk where you can buy something to drink. Continue 50m more and take a right just before the fence. 100m further the trail starts. Enjoy!